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Discover the people, the purpose and the passion behind the SEBi brand.

About Us

We are passionate problem-solvers. We are driven by our values. We are people people. We are SEBi.


SEBi is the consequence of collaboration, evolution and ambition. What started as a modest injection moulding company has expanded into an engineering hub - a bustling group of like-minded innovators who love nothing more than to 'make stuff happen'.                            


Our team of designers, toolmakers, mould technicians, CNC programmers and operatives, and project managers are dedicated to and experienced in finding solutions that work. SEBi excels in pushing the boundaries of creativity and developing products that are not only visually striking but also highly functional, safe, and user-friendly. Their team employs the latest design tools and technologies to transform concepts into tangible designs that captivate both clients and end-users.

When you're a SEBi partner, our strengths become your strengths. So be agile, innovative and ingenious with us on a collaborative and enjoyable development journey.

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