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Whether you are starting from scratch or wanting to develop an existing product, collaboration allows us to integrate our customers and guide them through our process. With in-house prototyping and the bones of an environmentally conscious company, we cover all the bases to develop your product in the right way for your business.

Concept design
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Concept Design

    Concept design is vital as it lays the foundational blueprint for projects, enabling the visualisation and refinement of ideas. It facilitates early identification and resolution of potential problems, fostering innovation and ensuring that the design aligns with market trends and user needs. As a crucial communication tool, it bridges gaps between designers, clients and stakeholders, enhancing understanding and collaboration. Moreover, effective concept design contributes to cost and time efficiency by minimising the need for changes in later stages, ensuring that the project is both feasible and appealing to its target audience.

Product Development

Encompassing all elements of product development, from initial concept design through to final design, prototyping and beyond, SEBi's product development journey will take you from ideation to creation with the support of our highly skilled and experienced designers, developers and industry experts.

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Product development
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    Research and Development (R&D) is crucial as it drives innovation, leading to new products and improvements in existing ones. It allows companies to stay competitive by exploring emerging technologies and market trends. R&D fosters problem-solving and creativity, leading to breakthroughs that can revolutionise industries. It also helps in understanding customer needs and expectations, ensuring products are relevant and desirable. Investing in R&D is essential for long-term growth and sustainability as it prepares companies to adapt and thrive in rapidly changing markets. SEBi works with leading educational institutes such as Warwick, Brunel and Imperial college to deliver cutting edge technology to the industry. We lead and engage in grant funding including Innovate UK and EIC Funding.

Material Research

    Material research is pivotal for technological advancement and innovation. It involves exploring and developing new materials with enhanced properties, leading to groundbreaking applications in various industries. This research is key to overcoming limitations of existing materials, enabling the creation of products that are stronger, more efficient and environmentally sustainable: it is essential for industries aiming to meet evolving market demands and regulatory standards. Material research not only drives economic growth but also plays a significant role in addressing global challenges such as energy sustainability and environmental preservation. SEBi works closely with local and national material suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that we deliver the best technology to our customers.
Material research
Black and white abstract models printed on 3d printer from powder close-up. 3D prototype c


Prototyping is one of the most essential elements of product design and development. We use prototyping to test concepts, pitch ideas and evaluate functional designs before investing too much time into a final design. It’s important to handle a physical version before continuing to include specific materials, colour and textures.

Through the wider SEBi family of capabilities, we have access to CNC milling, turning, 3D printing, casting and many more prototyping facilities to support the most extensive prototyping requirements including rough modelling, aesthetic models and working protoypes.
Sustainable design
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Sustainable Design

We don’t just link our customers into a third party manufacturer, the SEBI group has in-house manufacturing capabilities across a wide range of processes including injection moulding, machining, finishing, 3D printing and many more. This allows us to collaborate directly with the production team during the development stage so that when you come to place your first PO, your product is ready and waiting with the SEBI Manufacturing team to take this product forward into production. We stay involved until the first PO has been created and your QC processes have been confirmed. You can then repeat the ordering process at your own pace, directly with SEBi.
SEBi Engineering
Engineer technician designing drawings mechanical parts engineering Engine_manufacturing f
SEBi Group white logo


Our team of engineers combine an extensive understanding of mechanical engineering and testing analysis to support our design process throughout the prototyping and development stages, delivering production ready solutions.
Evolution is constant. Developments in technology, changes in trends and socio-economic drivers mean that it's imperative to keep your products alive. 
We evaluate your existing projects to determine how you can make them better, faster, slicker, cheaper, bigger, smaller, healthier, greener, and of course, more profitable.

Where to start?

SEBi offers a range of funding options to help support your growing business. We understand that the path to production can be an expensive one, but we are here to help.

Our Expertise

At SEBi, we don't think that design and manufacturing should be isolated processes. Our diverse and complementary service offering covers all elements of product development, from ideation to creation and beyond. You can leverage the skills and expertise of our highly experienced team of designers, developers, technicians and industry experts to create products that succeed

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