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At SEBi, we support clients with every single element of their product's journey. 

Intellectual property
Signing a Contract

Idea Protection

Our Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protects your ideas from the very first conversation. This is critical if you want to develop a novel idea so that we can have completely open conversations during the initial scoping and definition stage. The more we know, the more we can help and guide the product development.

Our Product Development Agreement (PDA) gives both parties a clear outline of the work packages and expected deliveries. This way we can focus solely on the product. This document highlights timelines, basic product specs, estimated costs, volumes and any IP or manufacturing expectations. Our PDAs are created custom for every project that we work on so we can all feel protected and confident with our expectations.  
SEBi also offers a Research Development Agreement (RDA) where a product is not specifically being created, bur instead a generic solution or technology may be being explored. We use this for its own internal R&D projects as well as with clients who want to push the forefront of technology and design. If we can justify the commercial support, then our RDA keeps us on track.


A patent is a legal document granted by a government that gives the inventor of a new invention the exclusive right to prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing the invention without permission for a limited period of time (usually 20 years from the date of filing). Patents are granted for inventions that meet certain criteria, such as novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness. This allows inventors to protect their intellectual property and incentivises innovation by providing a way for inventors to profit from their inventions.
SEBi Design can support clients along the patent application journey.

Trademarks & Registered Designs

A trademark is a recognisable symbol, word, or phrase used to distinguish the goods or services of a business or individual from those of others in the marketplace. By registering a trademark, the owner can legally prevent others from using the same or similar trademark, which helps protect their brand and reputation.

Similarly, a registered design is a form of legal protection granted to the visual appearance of a product or a part of it, such as its shape, pattern, or ornamentation. The purpose of registering a design is to prevent others from using or copying the design without permission, which helps protect the originality and creativity of the design owner. 
Need support with trademarks or registered designs? SEBi Design is here to help.


Funding Options

We are here to support organisations, start-ups and entrepreneurs, but we understand ideas can be expensive.

Here at SEBi, we believe that money shouldn’t get in the way of masterpieces.

Standard Consultancy

Pay to play services. We use initial conversations to build the project scope, build detail around work packages and quote based on the estimated time investment.

Business Consultation


SEBi can provide services in exchange for equity within a business or idea. Whilst we take great care in assessing these opportunities, it is an excellent opportunity for us to work closely with innovators to collaborate and deliver.



Here at SEBi, we see new ideas as an opportunity to invest our time and resources in exchange for design or manufacturing royalties during production. This is a popular option when looking to create a kickstarter campaign.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Government & Crowdfunding

SEBi has solid experience of working with clients to obtain government funding and funds through crowdfunding sources. Get in touch with us to find out more about these options and how SEBi can work with you.

Image by davide ragusa
SEBi venture

SEBi Ventures

We encourage all of the SEBi team to think forwards; we're not here to sit on ideas. 

We are a team of designers and engineers. We don't often sit on our hands when we have an idea, so we have made a point of acting on internal ideas and commercialising them where possible. With the right team, we can analyse a market, pitch a concept and create prototypes all whilst building out a funding page or E-commerce portal.


If we can do it for our customers, then why not do it for ourselves.

SEBi Ventures

Our Expertise

At SEBi, we don't think that design and manufacturing should be isolated processes. Our diverse and complementary service offering covers all elements of product development, from ideation to creation and beyond. You can leverage the skills and expertise of our highly experienced team of designers, developers, technicians and industry experts to create products that succeed

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